Noelia Corzo For San Mateo County

Noelia Corzo (She/Her/Ella) is a progressivecollaborative, and thoughtful leader who leads with a community-focused approach. As a social workerelected officialeducatormother, and daughter of immigrants, she understands the struggles working families face and is ready to champion the greatest needs in our community. 




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My Priorities

Pandemic Recovery

We continue to face a pandemic which has had devastating consequences on our entire community but especially on our small businesses, school communities, essential workers, working parents, and children. Our nurses, firefighters, teachers, social workers, grocery store workers, and other essential employees continue to need support. We still have renters, property owners, businesses, and organizations struggling with the impacts of lost income, changes in services, and changes in health protocols. We must continue to prioritize rebuilding and recovering..

Public & Mental Health

There are undeniable health needs in our county despite the fact that nearly 95% of our population has medical insurance. Simply having insurance is not enough. We need accessible mental health services available to all and support for those who struggle to navigate the very real complexities of our medical system. We must take a deep look at why health disparities persist and identify the barriers to improved health outcomes for all. Unmet mental health needs can anyone and prioritizing mental health is key to improved public health and a safer San Mateo County.

Affordable Housing

Our community has struggled with skyrocketing housing costs and the impact of the pandemic on both renters and homeowners lingers on despite hope that the costs of housing would lower. Families are separated and displaced as younger generations are pushed out to pursue homeownership in more affordable areas. We must prioritize and invest in affordable housing so that we can guarantee housing as a human right in our community. No one should have to jeopardize their future by sacrificing their financial wellbeing to stay in our county.

Climate Justice

Climate change is a real and present threat to the wellbeing of our entire community as we continue to face wildfires, smoke filled skies, intensified droughts, and rising sea levels. We have all felt the negative impacts of climate change and we must tackle these issues head on by addressing their root causes at all levels of government. Our firefighters and conservationists deserve the resources needed to keep our beautiful community lush and safe. We must be proactive in reducing our carbon emissions, protecting our community, and in encouraging resilience by providing resources and education to those most at risk.

Community Engagement

There are communities in our county who have been historically excluded from political power. These communities include women, working people, renters, young people, and communities of color to name a few. The voices of these communities are vital to the strength of our democracy. Many local jurisdictions have struggled to meaningfully engage with these communities and the policies and practices enacted reflect that reality. Our community is stronger when we all  have a voice in decision-making and feel empowered to advocate for the needs in our community.  

Universal Pre-K, Public Education, and Child Care

The benefits of universal preschool are undeniable and the need for high quality public education and child care is greater than ever. Yet the needs of our families are out of alignment with the quantity of rigorous and affordable programs available in our county. Collaborative initiatives like The Big Lift must be expanded and relationships with community partners who meet the needs of our young learners and working families must be strengthened.


Transportation is a universal need that impacts our quality of life. Continuing to invest in stronger regional transportation systems is necessary and yet we there is work to be done on better understanding the barriers community members face when deciding whether to drive, bike, or access public transportation. We make decisions regarding transportation based on cost, convenience, and timeliness. Children need to be dropped off at school, medical appointments must be attended, and getting to work on time is essential. I believe that collaborative, data-driven conversations between school districts, cities, and our county  regarding the transportation needs in our community will be essential to improving transportation for all.

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