Dear Neighbor,

My name is Noelia Corzo and I am running to represent you and our beautifully diverse community in District 2 of San Mateo County. I have lived in District 2 for nearly my entire life and I am deeply committed to our community. I am the product of our local schools and obtained a Bachelor’s of Arts in Sociology from San Francisco State University before beginning a career where I served foster youth, worked as a community organizer in support of affordable housing and immigrant rights, and currently support children and adults with developmental disabilities as a social worker for a non-profit organization in San Mateo County. I am the daughter of working class immigrants and have vast personal and professional experience with the many services our county offers.

In 2017, one year after the Presidential election that shifted the course of our country, I heard the call to action in our community and I ran for office for the first time. I campaigned in San Mateo and Foster City to become one of the newly elected Board Trustees of the San Mateo-Foster City School District. At that time, the issues I identified as being most important in the largest school district in our county were equity in education, teacher-district relations, district funding, and parent engagement. I have dedicated countless hours to these issues and am proud of the progress made in these areas.

As our county recovers from the long lasting impacts of a devastating pandemic, I feel called to once again rise to the occasion and elevate the voices of our community members when they need representation the most. We know that women, children, and essential workers were especially hard hit by the pandemic and as a working mother responsible for a multigenerational home I was not immune to those impacts. There are many real needs in our community and while our county has done amazing work to meet those needs, there is more to be done. Our district needs a Supervisor that has a deep understanding of the vital services our county provides and as a social worker in this community, I have seen those services in action and recognize the diverse needs in our community first hand. We have the opportunity to ensure that our county leadership more accurately reflects the demographics of our entire county. Representation matters and I am ready to bring my unique qualifications and perspective to the table to serve you.

I kindly ask for your vote by November 8th, 2022.

signed Noelia Corzo

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